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On 27/11/2013, at 10:48 pm, Alek Paunov <> wrote:

> Another option, if you are in good mood to make a favor to the community :-), is to make an attempt to summarize the previous LPeg streaming processing attempts (because that way, not just XML, but all other potentially big sources already having LPeg grammars, will become processable).
> Since you are on LuaJIT, you might test with the FFI port:

On 28/11/2013, at 7:14 am, Tiago Salmito <> wrote:

> if you're looking for a multicore (and distributed) stream-based lua library, maybe Leda ( is worth a look!

Thanks Alek and Tiago, I’ve looked at both, and they’re certainly interesting, but probably unjustified effort at this stage - I’d like to get a quick look at the data in the file, and if it proves useful, then I’ll make more effort to read it nicely.

As it happens the other OSM format - PBF is based on protocol buffers and there’s a Lua protocol buffer implementation available.  However, as far as I can tell, the format is not as simple as loading the .proto and hitting go.