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On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 2:52 AM, Craig Barnes <> wrote:
> Has anyone toyed with the idea of something like Go's "go get" tool[1]
> for Lua? The benefits of that system seem to be many; it's
> decentralized,...

And it works very well, I must say.  However, does need the user to
have Git[1] or Mercurial (or whatever SCM is used). And the key phrase
"along with their dependencies". For that to work, some require magic
(?) needs to happen on initial loading attempts, and everyone must
follow the convention.

Still, well worth a few experimental hours?

[1] actually not necessarily; Michal Kottman has contributed a
git-grabbing Lua module to LuaDist, which is how LuaDist can grab
binaries without the user needing Git.