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On 11/13/2013 at 4:47 PM, "Ico Doornekamp" <> wrote:
>Over the last few months I've been working on 'Worp', a framework 
>generative music, audio and digital signal processing. Worp builds 
>the sublime numeric performance of LuaJIT to generate sound and do
>pretty heavy DSP (reverbs, filters, etc), directly from Lua.
>Live coding is possible trough a vim plugin which sends chunks of 
>Lua to the
>Worp process, allowing for the development of generative music or 
>algorithms without disrupting the playing sound.
>Worp comes with a (still small) library of oscillators and 
>processing blocks;
>bindings to Jack (MIDI and audio), Linuxsampler, Fluidsynth and a 
>GTK gui are
>At the moment Worp has a user base of approximately three, and 
>that's me
>included. I'm hoping to find some adventurous people who are into 
>music and Lua, and are willing to give this a spin to see how, 
>where and
>when things break.
>Relevant links:
>Project page:

Nice one Ico Doornekamp, I love your effort and I'm glad you choose Lua for your application.
Overall, your program seems to have a great sound and many dsp to play.

I'm already following your project on Github.

Filipe Machado