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Over the last few months I've been working on 'Worp', a framework for
generative music, audio and digital signal processing. Worp builds on
the sublime numeric performance of LuaJIT to generate sound and do
pretty heavy DSP (reverbs, filters, etc), directly from Lua.
Live coding is possible trough a vim plugin which sends chunks of Lua to the
Worp process, allowing for the development of generative music or DSP
algorithms without disrupting the playing sound.
Worp comes with a (still small) library of oscillators and processing blocks;
bindings to Jack (MIDI and audio), Linuxsampler, Fluidsynth and a GTK gui are
At the moment Worp has a user base of approximately three, and that's me
included. I'm hoping to find some adventurous people who are into both
music and Lua, and are willing to give this a spin to see how, where and
when things break.

Relevant links:
Project page: