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于 2013-11-8 15:01, Paul K 写道:
Thank you Peng and Liam.

One more question about proxy DLLs. I'm looking at proxy DLL 4 by Paul
Moore [1] that allows proxying calls for lua51.dll to statically
linked interpreter (it will probably work with lua52.dll, but I
haven't tested that yet). Unfortunately, it's using VS compiler and I
have everything else compiled using mingw.

It includes this comment "The MSVC compiler (as __declspec(naked) is
only supported by MSVC). I am working on finding an equivalent in
Mingw, so that an all-Mingw approach is possible." I did find an
alternative to __declspec(naked) in mingw ([2]), but don't understand
some of the elements involved to update the current script to work
using this method.

Do I need to try to come up with mingw alternative or maybe mixing VS
and gcc-compiled libraries is not an issue in this case as the proxy
DLL doesn't do any memory allocation or anything else that may be
potentially harmful [3]?

According to my experiences, mingw recognize library file produced by MSVC just fine,
as long you do it right. The key is to get the proper IMPORT library for mingw to use.

To do this, you need 'dlltool', included in the mingw distribution. For detailed guidelines,
see [1].

Also, since all the DLLs does is call forwarding, are there any issues
I may run into if I combine exports from Lua51.dll and Lua52.dll and
create one proxy DLL that works for both versions (as a s uperset of
all the calls that need to be forwarded)?

Well, I've no idea about what your configuration is. But I guess you'd better not do it.

Proxy dll is used when you statically linked liblua into your application's exe file, but
you want to load pre-built third party C modules, which are linked against a dll file.

Since a C module is built just for one specific version of Lua, you don't need a dll
that forwards both 5.1 and 5.2 of Lua. Just build two dlls, one for each version.

Besides, Lua 5.1 and 5.2 contains incompatible APIs, I don't take it as a good idea
to make a "superset" of both version.