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Thank you Peng and Liam.

One more question about proxy DLLs. I'm looking at proxy DLL 4 by Paul
Moore [1] that allows proxying calls for lua51.dll to statically
linked interpreter (it will probably work with lua52.dll, but I
haven't tested that yet). Unfortunately, it's using VS compiler and I
have everything else compiled using mingw.

It includes this comment "The MSVC compiler (as __declspec(naked) is
only supported by MSVC). I am working on finding an equivalent in
Mingw, so that an all-Mingw approach is possible." I did find an
alternative to __declspec(naked) in mingw ([2]), but don't understand
some of the elements involved to update the current script to work
using this method.

Do I need to try to come up with mingw alternative or maybe mixing VS
and gcc-compiled libraries is not an issue in this case as the proxy
DLL doesn't do any memory allocation or anything else that may be
potentially harmful [3]?

Also, since all the DLLs does is call forwarding, are there any issues
I may run into if I combine exports from Lua51.dll and Lua52.dll and
create one proxy DLL that works for both versions (as a superset of
all the calls that need to be forwarded)?