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Hello list. :)

My hobby is NES development, and I've heard that an apparently lite version of Python has been "ported" to 6502 assembly. That is, it translates to 6502 instead of byte code. Personally, I'm actively developing a program in Lua to create video game music by generating 6502 assembly from a Lua script that describes the song. (Music notation is in a very basic form of MML.)

Looking at "A No-Frills Introduction to Lua 5.1 VM Instructions", I wonder what about Lua could safely translate to 6502. Clearly, the high-level instructions could be expressed in terms of multiple 6502 instructions. You'd have to remove strings. No locals. Interestingly, functions as first-class data types and thus functions within functions seems okay! :)

There must be more and I'd really like to explore all this. What do you all think?