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On 09/30/2013 01:18 PM, Pierre Chapuis wrote:
I am not sure writing new forum software is a good idea.

20 requests per second is not that much, it should not be a problem for PHP.

What is your bottleneck, Web frontends or the database?
Do you use FastCGI? Have you tried tuning the number of PHP processes?
Using caches?

It is running NGINX using PHP through FastCGI, and the forum software uses MySQL as the backend. Keep in mind that the VM is not a heavy-duty one, since $240/year is the most I can spend on this.

The unwanted requests are POST attempts, so I'm not sure if caching (if possible with the off-the-shelf software - perhaps memcached?) would help much.

Also, I relish the idea of dogfooding if possible.