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Hello all, I was told by Luiz to ask here for assistance, so here goes:

I would like to keep the Lua forums at running, but the popularity of the forums has resulted in recent unwanted attention. This attention come in the form of a huge number of requests from spam bots (human or software). At first I simply blocked the networks that the requests came from, but the last few months have seen a great diversification in the originating regions. This included a quite a few from South/Central America and Eastern Europe, and blocking those ISPs would result in denying many legitimate long-time users access to the forums.

The spam post themselves are manageable by the volunteers admins, who have done a stellar job. But the simple (denied) requests have reached a point where they are at times pegging the CPU of the server at 100%. The open-sourced software forum (written in PHP) used is likely not the most efficient for the use-case, and PHP itself is not exactly CPU friendly under heavy load.

So I put it to the Lua List; can we use Lua to solve this problem? I have a preferred Lua-based web platform that has proven itself in a heavy production setup:

Apache 2.4 (streamlined)
Postgresql 9.2

The Lua is provided by the new mod_lua that is included in the Apache 2.4 core:

So using this base, can a basic forum setup - written in Lua - be concocted that will handle the load and needs of the Lua Forum? I believe the answer is yes, but do not have the time to investigate and pursue such an endeavor. I am more than willing to continue to pay for the hosting and will donate a dedicated VM with lifetime (mine, that is) hosting service. What I ask of the community is the code that will run on this server.

Any thoughts?