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It was thus said that the Great Andrew Starks once stated:
> A bit after 5.2 came out, I started yelling about this. Then someone
> pointed out that for them an "ecosystem" wasn't a thing that they cared
> about because Lua isn't Perl.
> That stuck with me.
> Today, I hand place a few basic modules into my own "VM/app" like tree
> structure that is 100% compatible with nothing. If I cannot beat the source
> into working in a VS2010 SLN, and then make it work compile using make,
> then it doesn't exist.

  At work I do the same thing (only it's Solaris and Linux, not Windows).  I
attempted to get LuaRocks to work on our Solaris systems but it failed and I
haven't bothered to figure out why [1].  I just checked in Lua (plus a bunch
of modules I use) into our source repository and go from there.

  LuaRocks is useful [2] if only as a handy way to download the source code.


[1]	It's a moot point anyway, since not all the Solaris servers come
	with a development system, so even if LuaRocks worked it would be
	of limited use.

[2]	Since we also use Linux here.