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John Hind wrote
> Everything needed for a good beginner experience is there - it is just
> horribly fragmented and difficult to find. The problem is this: beginners
> discover a lovely, minimalistic but powerful language ideal for learning
> programming, but in order to put it to practical use they find 
> they have to
> first master C (or at least building from C sources)
>  and in order to achieve
> that they have to learn baroque build languages and command line
> interfaces.
> Unsurprisingly most just give up and settle for an ugly, bloated language
> like Javascript, which they can use 'out of the box'.

I did my first lua binding api recently, and later found the same thing bold
above. I surf around different lua binding libs on Github as well as lua's
default libs. Like watching the Life of Pi, I got surprised that there are
so many ideas and tricks to make the work done. The flexibility of lua
provided too many choices. People who lacks knowledge in C/C++ and cross
platform compiling may feel frustrated to build a binary lib with

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