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> Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 10:26:35 -0300
> From: Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>
> Subject: Re: LuaBinaries 5.2.2?
> To: Lua mailing list <>
> For Mac OS X, there is my See
> I had hoped that could evolve into a community-maintained,
> module-rich, Lua app for Mac OS X, but so far I got no feedback.

I for one value your work here - but I guess it is a chicken and egg
problem: Lua has not been easy to get started with on the Mac platform so
there are few Mac users in the Lua community.

What we badly need is compatible binary distributions across at least the
three major platforms (Windows, x86 Linux, OSX) and, of course apps for
Android and IOS would be nice too ...

A simple graphical runtime is a good idea as well - the lack of this on
Windows explains a lot about the "Why is Lua not more popular" question

If a graphical binary distribution could be made to process LuaRocks
(including automatically compiling C libraries from source) it would make
maintaining these distributions a lot easier since it would not then be
necessary to distribute binary modules.

Any chance you could put the sources on GitHub or similar so others can
contribute to this project?