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As a personal experiment, I've taken a plunge into the dark waters of
binary distributions and I've created a Lua application for Mac OS X:

When you run, it opens a window and lets you drag and drop Lua
programs into it to run them. was built using Platypus, a tool for wrapping scripts as Mac OS X apps:

Like all Mac OS X apps, is actually a folder and you can cd into it
or control-click and Show Package Contents. When you do this you'll see the
following in
	lua	- the Lua 5.2.2 binary
	script	- a shell script to invoke lua
	lib	- a library of precompiled Lua modules

You can adapt script to your liking. You can add or remove modules in lib.
Binary modules should be place directly in lib/ and Lua modules in lib/lua,
but you can change this by editing script. You can even use a different
version of Lua by simply replacing the Lua binary (and providing compatible
Lua modules).

I've added several of my Lua modules in lib:
	ascii85 base64 bc bn complex gdbm gpc interval
	mapm mathx md5 pdf qd random

Some of these include third-party libraries that are boring (but not
hard) to download and build. I hope they are useful. In any case, you
can easily adapt to use your favorite modules. Perhaps this can
evolve into a community-maintained, module-rich, Lua app for Mac OS X.

Please note again that this is a personal experiment, not a official
product. All feedback welcome.