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On 21 September 2013 10:40, John Hind <> wrote:
> Thanks Hisham! I've been meaning to investigate LuaRocks for some time, and
> this is just the push I needed.


> As for the Lua5.2 dependency (camicc olo), there is a dependency on
> lua_Unsigned and associated API for conversion to and from number type, but
> it ought to be straight forward to eliminate that with some #define
> trickery. I'll look into it.

Consider the use of
Note the c-api subdirectory. It was contributed by Tomás Guisasola
Gorham based on his compatibility work for the MD5 library and
extended by Philipp Janda for the backport of bit32. Little by little,
it can grow to make the conversion of C extensions an easier process.

Looking at your code, the most delicate part is your use of
luaL_Buffer fields (that might need some inescapable #define's). If
you spot anything else that can be wrapped by compat-5.2 instead,
consider yourself encouraged to contribute to our compatibility

-- Hisham