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On 13 Sep, 2013, at 17:51 , Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:

>> I don't know what talks are already planned at the
>> Lua Workshop but I think a BoF with people who write
>> libraries on LuaRocks would be interesting. Those
>> who follow the dedicated mailing list know we've
>> started discussing the next rockspec format and maybe
>> a merge with LuaDist...
> That certainly would be interesting.

I can attend if there is interest in this. The talk can focus on anything from the following

- LuaRocks LuaDist compatibility roadmap
- Module submission process
- Module evaluation process
- Categorization and identification of modules
- Documentation issues
- OS compatibility
- Binary distribution of apps
- Lua 5.1 vs Lua 5.2 vs LuaJIT