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Announcing yet another Lua implementation for JavaScript: lua5.1.js.

lua5.1.js is a JavaScript library, providing low-level access to Lua
5.1 VM — it exposes Lua C API to the JavaScript code.

Here is a Hello, world example:

Lua VM, used in lua5.1.js, is an original feature-complete 5.1
implementation, built with emscripten[1].

* * *

This release is a "community preview". It is not well tested and
probably is not yet suitable for production. But if you can spare a
moment, please give it a try and provide feedback.

* * *

A TODO list for future releases:

* * *

Why not lua.vm.js[2]?

1) The lua.vm.js is Lua 5.2, we need Lua 5.1.

2) The lua.vm.js code is pretty much a prototype, which has to be
heavily refactored to be useful in production. Better to start from

* * *

All and any feedback welcome!


[1] —
[2] —