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On Classes:

Generally, it's my opinion that classes need to be looked at again. To my thinking, either:

They should be stripped down to something even simpler. 


They should be redone to better support extension...

I have to admit that after thinking this through, I'm likely to arrive at a solution that looks precisely like what you already have. :) However most of my opinions boil down to issues with using and extending properties. Because they were added as an option, such that there is no easy way to support "missing index" and "numerical index" handlers. I hacked in my own support for this and it left me feeling like I should start over. 

Also, "return nil, err" support in init did not seem to fly, for me. 

I do like the approach to "semi-private" variables. It's LuaPragtastic(r)!

My last suggestion has to do with type...