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libYAML binding for Lua

I am happy to announce the release of lyaml release 4, a complete
ground up rewrite!

lyaml's home page is at

The main purpose of this release is to rewrite the libYAML binding
much closer to the library's C API, which gives the flexibility to
write custom parsers and emitters in Lua, which in turn provides a
means to track any event metadata during load (such as line numbers
for error messages), which was not possible with the previous high
level load/dump API provided by the Andrew Danforth binding used
by previous releases.

The old APIs are broadly supported by example Lua `dump` and `load`
implementations in this release, which can be copied and tweaked to
create your own customised YAML processing.

* Noteworthy changes in release 4 (2013-09-11) [beta]

** New Features:

  - New yaml.emitter API returns an object with an emit method for
    adding events using yaml_*_event_initialize() calls.

  - New yaml.parser API returns a Lua iterator that fetches the next
    event using yaml_parser_parse().

  - New yaml.scanner API returns a Lua iterator that fetches the next
    token using yaml_parser_scan().

  - Beginnings of Specl specs, starting with a reasonably comprehensive
    specifications for the new APIs above.

  - C implementation of lyaml.dump has moved to Lua implementation as

  - C implementation of lyaml.load has moved to Lua implementation as

  - The new Lua implementation of lyaml.load () handles multi-document
    streams, and returns a table of documents when the new second
    argument is `true`.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

  luarocks install lyaml-4

Until the rocks are available from the official repository in a few days,
you can install directly from the lyaml release branch, with:

  $ luarocks install \