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On 9 September 2013 05:22, Seppl Vorderhörer <> wrote:
The confusing thing is that "and" is used in a way that is simply not intuitive but quite the opposite. While "or" is a selection that can easily be viewed as "use A or B" (which fits what is actually happening in Lua) the word "and" has a different meaning in life: "A and B" simply means "use both A and B".

You are arguing about a piece of mathematical logic (which is what a computer programming language is, or at least should be) by referring to usage in natural language.  This is not an argument that bears scrutiny for longer than five seconds.  Think, carefully, about what else would have to change to make things match natural language.  (Hint: "for" and "while" aren't used intuitively either.  Nor is "or".  Nor is "do".  Nor is "if" for that matter.)  Then maybe you'll stop going down this ridiculous path.

Instead of whining about how X isn't like natural language N, learn X.

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