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Am 08.09.2013 13:14, schrieb Lorenzo Donati:

Well, I like the and/or idiom and I accept the term "hack" only because
it fails when "false/nil" comes into play...

To write a statement "a and b or c" when you in fact want "if a is true then use b otherwise c" was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen so far.

It works, but is very far from being obvious and "human readable".
I think, that Lua has a quite clear syntax in general, but this construct is the exception from the general case and the term "hack" describes it very well.

The point is that keywords like and/or that are usually used (and I'd say by 99% of all programmers seen as) "operations that use conditions and result in other conditions" are here really misused to not return booleans but other types.

An expression " a ? b : c " where it's explizitly defined and clear what happens and what the result is would be way clearer...

(... at least in my opinion.)