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On Sat, Sep 07, 2013 at 10:25:28AM -0400, Rena wrote:
> > (It's sad that Lua's written in C89.  But this isn't a comment on the
> > authors, but the state of the world's compilers.  There are features in
> > C11 I'd love to use, but basically only people using clang could ever
> > build it.)
> >
> > B.
> >
> >
> But why is it that when a compiler lacks support for a feature that's been
> standard for years/decades, we just accept it and avoid using that feature,
> instead of considering it a buggy compiler and bugging the maintainers?

I look forward to the results of you bugging Microsoft on this subject :)

There are also issues outside compiler maintainership.  A foolish
company, some years ago, decided to base their system calls and API on
C++.  This has the hilarious* consequence that they're still stuck on
GCC 2.95.