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Hi, list,

A lazy question here.

I need to build Lua 5.1 AST for a bunch of files — as a bunch of
nested plain Lua tables.

I.e., more or less, what Metalua does.

I do not need that library to do anything with these tables — I'll
manage that myself (but I can just ignore extra functionality, no
problem — as long as it is not too bloated).

Last time I looked (several years ago), Metalua was not a very clean
solution (if I remember correctly). I would like a plain Lua 5.1 code,
supported by LuaJIT, installable as a neat and self-contained rock,
which would not affect anything in my environment and do what it is

I see that several new libraries appeared on a horizon, and Metalua
itself moved on a bit.

Is there something out there that will suit my desires? Or what I can
adapt reasonably well?