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API functions like lua_getfield() respect proxies, so why not lua_next() as well?  

Hrm.  Maybe putting the table iteration hook in __pairs, rather than __next, is the better choice.

If lua_next() respected an iteration metamethod, then most C table iterations would pick up an extra O(n) overhead cost.  

And __pairs also gives you the power to use a state variable other than the table itself, which can be handy.

I'd still like to have a version of next() available in Lua that respects proxy tables -- though that's easy enough to get:

  function next(t,k)
    local f,s = pairs(t)
    return f(s,k)

One can use a similar trick at the API level to make a version of lua_next() that respects the __pairs metamethod -- but, there's enough extra overhead in each call that you probably want to be careful about just where you use it.


int lua_nextmeta (lua_State *L, int i) {
  int oldtop=lua_gettop(L);
  if (!luaL_getmetafield(L,i, "__pairs")) {
    return lua_next(L,i);
  if(i<0) {
  lua_pushvalue(L,i); // ...,k,__pairs, t
  lua_call(L,1,2); // ...,k,iterfun,s
  lua_pushvalue(L,oldtop); // ...,k,iterfun,s,k
  lua_remove(L,oldtop); //...,iterfun,s,k
  lua_call(L,2,2); // ..., k2, v2
  if(lua_isnil(L,-2)) {
    return 0;
  return 1;