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On Sep 4, 2013, at 3:25 PM, Ousmane Roland Yonaba <> wrote:

> Since Lua 5.1, table.foreach and table.foreach were deprecated[1].
> It is known (I am such a fan of Game Of Thrones... :)).
> I would just like to know why. Are there good reasons to this ?
> I bet there are, as looking at the evolution of Lua, nothing is seems
> to be done without some solid motives at the basis.
> But to me, this syntax was so much beautiful:
>    table.foreach({...}, print)
> It misses me under Lua 5.2.x.
> Well, I am not saying I want it back. Just looking for...reasons.
> Thanks reading.
> Regards,
> Roland Y.
> [1]

It's pretty easy to add it back in with a few lines of Lua code…

function tableForEach(t, f)
	for _, v in pairs(t) do f(v) end

There are endless variations of course.