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"The same way you handle errors today" would be my reply. You can have errors today in your code which the parser/compiler must handle, even in embedded systems, this would be logical place to handle warnings as well.


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> From: "Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo" <>
> To: "Lua mailing list" <>
> Sent: Thursday, 29 August, 2013 4:16:01 PM
> Subject: Re: Lua strictlessness
> > So I think at least the compiler should at least warn by default, with an
> > option to keep quiet. Preferably disallow it.
> How do you propose to handle warnings in a embedded language? The Lua
> parser cannot emit warnings to stdout or stderr because these files may
> not even exist or be visible. Moreover, it'd be impolite to trample on
> the host's output. So, should the parser maintain a list of warnings for
> the host to check? What can the host do about them?