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On 2013-08-22 12:59:13 +0000, Thijs Schreijer said:

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Subject: module with c api


I have got some modules (LUA script files) which are used with

local mymodul = require "mymodule"

All data is converted to a database, so each LUA script should be a row in

Is "data" the source code or the compiled byte code? In the latter case it is not portable, so be aware of that.

The database stores only source codes (no precompiled code).

Try loaders, see [1]. Create a loader that checks your database for the requested module and fetches it.


Do I understand it correct, that require uses also a table for the information of thre require data? So in my case

the require call must check the data first in my database eg

local mymodule = require "mymodule"

In this case in my database table a row exists with the name "mymodule", so can I cange the require, that it load

it from my database?