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On 31/07/2013 1.24, Philipp Janda wrote:
Am 30.07.2013 19:23 schröbte Lorenzo Donati:

I removed the "Work in Progress" notice from the page [1]. You may add a
link to it on if you see fit.

Everyone's contribution to that page is welcome!

Is there a reason why you don't copy `lauxlib.h` (and `lua.hpp`) to your
binary distribution directory?

That was definitely a mistake. Originally I planned NOT to include the headers, because this "distro" was targeted at almost complete newbies in programming. I assumed they would want Lua to program in Lua the language, not in C using its API, so I wanted to keep it simple. But upon better reflection I changed my mind because (1) I ended up building a "non-standard" distro, (2) even newbies could want to learn the API after a while. The omissions then stemmed from me doing the work at late hours! :-)

I had modified the given `build.cmd` to
do so, but apparently you reverted to an older version of this script ...

I'm sorry but, in a previous message I asked people not to edit the page yet until I removed the "work in progress header", so when I "committed" my final version and removed the header I didn't check whether someone else had actually done any editing and I ended up steamrolling your and Mateusz Czaplinksi's edits.

Sorry for the misunderstanding! I'll reinsert your changes again as soon as possible. I'm working on it right now.

-- Lorenzo

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