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Hi All!

Following a suggestion from LHF [1] I created a new WIKI page which explains how to build a barebone "binary" distro of lua from lua sources on Windows for almost absolute newbies.

I think it is rather complete now, but before removing the "Work in Progress" header and "release" it I'd like to have some feedback.

I'm especially interested in:

1. proofreading (I'm not an English native speaker, so I may have blundered heavily - especially since most work has been done at late hours! :-)

2. testing of the step-by-step procedure, especially on Windows machines with different setup than mine.

3. other blatant errors

General criticism is also welcome, but I suggest to wait until the page is finished and well-tested, so that it can be edited directly in a constructive way. Till then I suggest to post the feedback to this thread (I have a template that generates the actual WIKI text, so for me is currently far easier to integrate suggestion in the template and then regenerate the page after a number of suggestion have been processed).


-- Lorenzo


P.S.: is there a smarter way to get the link to the online archived version of a lua-l message? To link to LHF's post I had to search for the subject online and then manually browse the. Isn't there some "magic" way to extract that information from my mail client directly?


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