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On 23/07/2013 13.08, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
The Getting Started page is now officially part of Lua's site at

I'm sure it'll need improvement, but let's see how it fares.

There are links to it in the about and in the documentation pages,
and also of course in the site map (and in the recent changes page,
but who looks there? :-)

Thank you all for the suggestions, which are still welcome.

May I suggest to put a link somewhere to TDM GCC [1] somewhere in the instruction for building Lua on Windows?

It would help people which don't like/want or can't depend on MSVC tools, like OSS tools and/or are not too C-savy.

Last time I tried to install the original MINGW distro - about 6 years ago, it was a PITA and I wasn't successful (I hope things changed), until someone on this list mentioned [1].

I downloaded and installed it and Lua compilation and was smooth as silk (I only had a little problem with 4.6 branch, I used 4.5 until recently, when I switched to 4.7 - smooth as ever) even with other project.

Moreover TDM GCC is fully "relocatable", i.e. you can install it on a portable HD, or USB pen and works ok - this is a patch that TDM people has added to MINGW, according to [2]. This feature could also be interesting for some people.


-- Lorenzo


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