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H. Conrad Cunningham wrote:
I am new to Lua.  I wrote my first program beyond "Hello World" less
than a week ago but read various documents during the 3 weeks or so
before that.  (:  But I need to be knowledgeable enough of the
language, of libraries such as LPEG, and how to use various
programming "paradigms" effectively and idiomatically within the next
month.  I plan to use Lua intensely in a computer science course on
programming languages I am teaching in the upcoming semester. So I am
interesting in materials for my own learning as well as my students.

You might want to tell the list what level of course you are planning to teach. If it's introductory computer science, stick with one language and stick to the bare core of Lua with no additional libraries except maybe luafilesystem and luasocket.

Anything more will just confuse the students.

The PiL book and some of the other documents are good.

I would argue Pil is "great", as in one of the best books since the C manual by K&P or the "Little Schemer".

Contact me offlist if you're interested in a contact with another prof using Lua for introductory CS for non-CS majors...