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hi Steve and Peter;

< All you have to do is unzip and put the bin directory on your path.

Perfect. That's just about my 'level' ;o)

Steve, I think that you mentioned in another Lua-forum something about MingW dealing badly with 64 bit exception-handling.
I prepared my source download of the OpenGl-SDK (made MAKEFILE's with an automated tool). I then ran the (MingW commandline) 'make' on each library. Weather that's right or not .. one out of four examples actually works. The other examples opens and quickly closes a window .. leaving me in the dark. Thinking about some exception-handling and such to try to debug the errors does not seem to be a viable rout if it doesn't really work.
Anyway, most of this is new to me so should simmer on it for a while.

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 13:47:49 +0200
Subject: Re: cascading dependencies

On Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 1:09 PM, Carsten Troelsgaard <> wrote:
I have installed MinGW .. does that make vcredist_x86 superflous? Thinking of it it makes sense that MinGW might do what the vcredist_x86 does. 
Anyway, I'll go and have a look at Batteries.

You don't need a compiler to use the Batteries, it's Lua plus a whole bunch of common modules. (And you can use 'luadist install' to grab even more).  The problem with LfW is that it uses an old Microsoft runtime, whereas the Batteries do no't need a special runtime. (The Batteries are based on the module list from LfW and the few remaining gaps will be filled soon.)

All you have to do is unzip and put the bin directory on your path.