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Hi lua-folks

I decided to try to solve a "cascading dependencies" problem that starts at setting up an OpenGl working-environment.
One of the appealing libraries available needs a Lua runtime installed on my (win7) mashine. One of the options that is pointed at is "Lua for windows". That seems to be an obvious choice. Looking at the dependencies :
MSVC++ 2005 runtime library
and it points to vcredist_x86.exe
The 2005 version of vcredist_x86 only appears to support up to win2000 ... so I hesitate.

I'm really not very confident on setting anything up without an installer. I do have a setup of /Processing/ that is able to survive perfectly intact a re-install of my win7 system - now, that's the way to go! I do have a suspicion that it could be possible for a Lua setup too .. or atleast something that takes a minimum of repair (like setting PATH values anew).
Would you have an advice or be able to point on the particular focus I need to achieve this goal?