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> The code is direct translation from one language.
> Some guy already mentioned the same at the comments. Also he was asked
> for proper code example. Still waiting for that.

The answer to this comment shows all:

  Re: comment 15:
  Your suggestion would be easier to understand if you provide a code
  example. Please do not assume all readers to be profoundly competent
  in Lua to understand what you're saying.

You do not need to be "profoundly" competent in Lua, but you need to be
at least competent to do a benchmark. (A trivial search for "Lua string
concatenation", for instance, would show what is wrong.)

Moreover, his comments about Java at the end of the page shows how
unbiased he is. This "benchmark" does not seem to be made to really
evaluate different languages, but to lambast Java. (As Lua handles
strings similarly to Java, it was caught in the crossfire.)

-- Roberto