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2013/7/14 Wolfgang Schenke <>:
> So once again a minor Lua version change makes

It's not a "minor Lua version change."

You are perhaps unfamiliar with Lua version numbering I suppose.  X.Y
to X.(Y+1) is a "major" change, which may not be entirely compatible
(but is usually "substantially compatible"); only version changes from
X.Y.Z to X.Y.(Z+1) are intended (and advertised) to be completely

> a. existing code unrunnable - and

No.  99.99% of existing code works great.  As I mentioned in another
message, I've basically found _one_ incompatibility, which is the way
integer-valued floats are printed [Lua 5.3-... appends a ".0"], and
arguably it was never really correct to make the assumptions I did
about this.

> b. new code unrunnable on old Lua versions?

No.  New code works great on old Lua versions, if you do not use new
features, or if you use new features but use them in a
backward-compatible way.

This is pretty much the same as every other software...


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