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> Currently, the problem is even worse, as many people use Lua without
> floating-point numbers. Mostly, we just ignore those uses (it is not
> "official" Lua) and pretend the problem does not exist. We hope the
> 32-32 option will allow many programmers in embedded systems to have
> a non-standard but officialy supported version of Lua, with 32-bit
> integers for performance and floating-point numbers when necessary.

This describes the situation for Lua on RISC OS, which until recently 
was only implemented on systems without hard floats. The arrival of
the Raspberry Pi, the Beagleboard and others, promises better floating
point performance - when the C compilers available have caught up and
can cater for VFP2 (on the Raspberry Pi) and Neon. Then Lua 5.3 will
be a boon. However, I must confess that, as a pure rather than an applied
mathematician, I like to see types kept separate, with no implicit

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