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2013/7/6 Tim Hill <>:

> Which is fine, but comes back to my basic three questions … if this
> is the correct choice, and if enough people desire this, should it be
> standardized?

No. That's the Ruby way. The Lua way is that the three original
designers are the only decision-makers. They are kind enough to
contribute to this list now and then, and may even give talks at
the Lua workshop on the way forward. Reread the posts Roberto has
made on this topic: they give a very clear indication of his stance
on whether something like 'empty' should be standardized.

> That was always my original point … if something has enough utility to
> warrant a standard approach to avoid balkanization and incompatibilities
> amongst libraries and 3rd party code.

Your notion is easily implementable as a module. What you could do to
promote a standard approach, is to publish your module, preferably on
something like GitHub. You can see by the number of stars it gets
whether "enough people desire this".