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Hi Paul
Thanks for the tip. That only partially does what I was hoping for though.
For example if we have a few lines like this

 myTable = {anotherLongVarName=1}
 myTable.aLongVarName = 2
ZBS will prompt for myTable but at xxx it won't prompt for either anotherLongVarName or aLongVarName
Scite will prompt for myTable and at xxx it will prompt for either anotherLongVarName or aLongVarName
LuaStudio will prompt for myTable and at xxx it will prompt for aLongVarName but not anotherLongVarName
Personally speaking I prefer Scite's behaviour here.
One last thing I haven't figured out in the new v0.38 stuff is what the new interpreter "LuaForWindows" does ? Anyone figured this out ?
> Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 10:02:36 -0700
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: [ANN] ZeroBrane Studio v0.38; now with real-time variable indicators, plugin API, improved auto-complete, and LuaJava debugging support
> Hi Geoff,
> > In Scite after typing 3 or so characters it pops up a list of matching variable names I have already used in the script, I find that feature extremely useful to avoid putting name typos into the script. How easy or difficult would it be to implement that as an option in ZBS ?
> ZBS already implements something very similar. If you turn "dynamic
> words" on, it will harvest all words from currently opened tabs and
> offer them as part of auto-complete suggestions. You can also
> configure how many characters need to match before suggestions are
> offered. You can find the settings to enable this in the auto-complete
> section of the documentation:
> > Going back to my question from last week about debugging my own statically linked PC EXE containing Lua 5.1.5. I noticed that ZBS can debug GSL Shell programs. I would have thought that the standard GSL Shell exe might be similar to my exe in that it has no inherent Lua socket code or Ethernet functions built in ? So how does GSL Shell hook into ZBS to enable you to debug a script ?
> GSL-shell works using luasocket, but it didn't provide it out of the
> box; Francesco Abbate (the author of GSL-shell) was kind to compile
> and provide it along with GSL-shell. You can simply install the
> luasocket library compiled for GLS shell and you can then debug
> GSL-shell scripts with ZBS. I have links and details here:
> (and the related ticket provides some background information on the
> challenges and the solution
> ( Take a look
> at these resources and see if you can make it work for your project.
> Paul.