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On 14 Jun, 2013, at 13:37 , Diego Nehab <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Over the past weeks there has been a lot of activity in the development of a new LuaSocket release. The main changes are support for IPv6 and for Lua 5.2.
> Please take a look at the project page at GitHub
> and send us your comments. We are satisfied with the current functionality and are mostly interested in bug reports.
> There is a release candidate in place under the tag v3.0-rc1. 
> Have fun,
> Diego

Thank You!
I have added the module into LuaDist and tested on all my systems without any issues so far:

All systems tested with lua-5.1.5, lua-5.2.2, luajit-2.0.2:

Windows MinGW64
Windows MinGW32
Mint Linux 15 64bit
Solaris 11
FreeBSD 9.1
OSX 10.8.3
Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Linux.