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The Mako Server is a compact application server ideal for rapid design of server-side web applications. Using the Lua scripting language, Mako Server offers fast, efficient development of web applications, ranging from database-driven business applications to customized applications managing microcontroller-based devices.

The Mako Server removes all of the complexity from deploying a web application. Typically, to develop web applications, developers must integrate and configure many components such as Apache, PHP, and an SQL database. In contrast, Mako Server brings all of these components together, pre-configuring them so that the application developer can immediately focus on application development for Windows, Linux or any other POSIX-based operating system such as Raspberry Pi.

The Mako Server can respond with 45,000 dynamic page requests in the same time that Apache outputs 25,000 static pages - that’s a 60% faster response with more compute-intensive paging.