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On 2013-05-24 7:20 AM, "Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo" <> wrote:
> At some point in the last weeks the 100000th message was posted to lua-l.
> The traffic statistics are at .
> Surprisingly for a list of its size and age, the signal-to-noise ratio
> remains quite high, despite a few dips. That the list is so successful
> is mainly due to those who generously share their expertise with the
> whole Lua community.
> I trust we can keep lua-l friendly and welcoming, and full of good advice.
> On behalf of the Lua team, I thank you all for joining and helping others.
> As we have said in the HOPL paper, the list has become the focal point of
> the Lua community and it has been a source of motivation for improving Lua.
> --lhf

Cheers to 100000 more!