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On 24.05.2013 08:27, steve donovan wrote:
On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 8:00 PM, Bernd Eggink <
<>> wrote:

    One question I can't answer at the moment is the following: In a
    directory containing a set of related sources, is there a way to
    automatically generate an index.html which assembles links to all
    the other html files?

If I understand your question, this is precisely what happens by default
- an index is generated pointing to all the modules ('related
sources').  So 'ldoc lib' would do all the docs for the contents of 'lib
and put the output into 'doc', with a 'doc/index.html'.

Yes. I was a bit confused because I expected "ldoc ." to generate all the docs within the current directory. I missed the fact that this case is handled specially and requires a config.ld file.
Anyway, thanks for ldoc and the very good documentation!

There is one thing I couldn't figure out, however. I want to introduce "Object" as a new type tag, so that

	--- Function description
	-- @treturn Object The created object
	blah = function() ...

makes "Object" a link to a description of the object's structure. I can achieve this by creating a dummy module "Object.lua" containing only a comment, but this makes "Object" appear in the "Modules" section, where it doesn't belong IMO. I think that new_type() should do what I want, but whatever I use as parameter doesn't have a visible effect. Could you give a short example?