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Dirk Laurie wrote:

> The problem with "public domain" is that anybody can claim to
> have written it himself, distribute it without mentioning the fact
> that it is in the public domain, and fool people into paying him
> royalties. All he can't successfully do is sue them if they don't.
> However, it also allows me to what I have described below,
> so there is no harm done.


> I have partially re-implemented Steve's routine so that the two critical
> routines for sorting small arrays directly and for merging two adjacent
> sorted arrays are coded in in C. Since the intention is that the routine
> will be used with Lua, I have made the license the same as Lua's, which
> stops the sort of tomfoolery that public domain allows. With Steve's
> permission, I've listed both of us as authors.

Following the advice of Daniel Silverstone and Pierre-Yves Gerardy,
I'm choosing the Creative Commons CC0 license for my code, assuming
that this won't interfere with the license you selected for your
version partially coded in C.

As for the speed of the routine, have you tried a larger number for
max_chunk_size?  I'm guessing that your C version would behave
somewhat as my version under LuaJIT.  I wish that you would try at
least the values 72 and 32.