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  The subject is the error I am getting now.


  I think it may be due to my linking, as I want to statically link everything.


In my program I am linking to luasocket-static.lib and lua5.2-static.lib


I build them up like this:



cl /MD /O2 /W3 /c /nologo /DLUA_COMPAT_MODULE /DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN /EHsc *.c

lib /out:luasocket-static.lib *.obj

ren mime.obj mime.o

link /DLL /OUT:socket.dll /base:0x67800000 /export:luaopen_socket_core mime.o *.obj msvcrt.lib lua5.2-static.lib Ws2_32.lib wsock32.lib

link /DLL /OUT:mime.dll /base:0x67700000 /export:luaopen_mime_core mime.o msvcrt.lib lua5.2.lib


There is no Lua references in my PATH but there is a LUA_PATH set and LUA_DEV set to the wrong VM.


In my directory where my executable is I do have: socket.dll


So I am not certain how to determine which VMs are duplicated and how to organize everything so I only have one VM.


Thank you