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Le 03/05/2013 17:44, Mark Gabby a écrit :
> >> In this case, I would prefer to stay with my current loadstring()
> solution ...
Arg : I got this code from

_a = loadstring('return '.. func_name ..'(...)')(arg)

but it doesn't suit my need either : it's looking only for global
functions :(
> You can even make your own table with functions that are "local" to it
> in the sense that they can only be accessed through the table.
It's what I will do : creating a local dictionary table of all my local
> Why do you want a "local" function?
Because I don't want to pollute my global area : they are used in
plug-ins for a larger system and I would like to avoid any interference
b/w each plug-in.
I'm have to finish some small thing, made a release and will present it
to the list (this list was my major source of information for part of it
:) ).