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I'm working on open sources that have to be available on as many as
possibly POSIX platform (m$-windows is out of the scope, I will not wast
my time with "that").

* Lua itself is widely available in package managers : from AmigaOS up
to major Linux/BSD distribution
* LuaRocks as well ... sometime with very ancients version
* Rocks themselves are only POORLY supported on OSes' package managers.
Major ones as Socket are there but again with deprecated version, but
generally recent or confident ones not.

Despite of that, I choose Lua instead of Python or others, because it
has a very reduced footprint. I said to my "customers" to install rocks
using LuaRocks. The drawback is generally they have to take care about
libraries breakage when doing system upgrade.
Gentoo, the distribution I'm using, is taking care automatically of this
aspect but I'm not sure all distrib are smart enough ...