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> Behalf Of Thijs Schreijer
> Sent: donderdag 25 april 2013 21:29
> To: 'Lua mailing list'
> Subject: how to distribute binding to a library
> List,
> I've been working on a binding for the pupnp library. I'm in the process
> of making it distributable. I have 2 core pieces; the pupnp library itself
> and my binding code. What is considered best practice for these types of
> bindings? Should it be statically linked, or dynamically?
> How to deal with the dependencies when distributing? should I include the
> full source code of pupnp, if not, how to make sure it builds using
> LuaRocks for example?
> Any help is appreciated
> Thijs
> PS. I have to support Windows to...

I now added the following to the rockspec;
          incdirs = {

So far it worked on an Ubuntu VM and on a Raspberry Pi, but still feels a bit 'hard-coded'. Can I expect it to work on other distro's and mac's as well? Any advice?