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On Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 07:19:22PM -0700, Tim Hill wrote:
> I suppose I think there is room for both. Something like stack exchange can decrease the repetition (how many more local vs global threads will we see?). But at the same time it's harder to get the inter-activity that the mail list gives.
> Why not start stack exchange and see if it takes off?

Having been a nearly daily reader of comp.lang.c and comp.unix.programmer
for over a decade, I'm fairly confident that an easily accessible archive*
would prove fruitless at reducing duplicative questions or threads. It's in
the nature of the young (and the young at heart ;) to be impetuous--to ask
before thinking.

In any event, every once in awhile something novel is discussed, so it's not
enirely a waste of time.

- Bill

* Not that I believe is any better than the existing lua-l
archives. If anything, I'd rather have an NNTP feed. As a web-based forum
I dislike on principle.