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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
Do you think we are ready for our own
Would it be a good thing for the Lua community?


The only not so good point is that you need to visit the site to see the
questions and answers. I think it is possible to receive notifications via
RSS and probably by email. I don't know whether there is a gateway to
and from mailing listings or just email.

Which makes it a complete non-starter for me. Plus you want to be in control of the list data. What happens if/when stackexchange goes away?

I love the convenience of having lua-l emails, and I find going to a browser based forum slow, cumbersome, and much less useful when I need to mine the emails for an old discussion.

Do you still have all the archived conversations?

Running a mail list is a pain, but you own the data so that if you ever want to migrate it, or archive it, you have all of it on your own server. (As long as it's backed up :-))