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I think I'd rather the CLI be good, thin, and stupid.

On Apr 26, 2013 9:17 AM, "Stefan Reich" <> wrote:
Hi folks.

I'm putting this proposal out in the open now to find some motivated co-conspirators. I know that Lua-L is, historically, not exactly the greatest place to start projects. But then again, this is a list of thousands of Lua lovers... right? And this is a Lua-based project.

Things are looking up btw - I was actually featured in a Hamburg newspaper this week.

(btw, women in Hamburg suck. Sorry... I had to sneak that in there... it needs out =)

So! Back to computers. Here goes our pitch:


Most Intelligent Command Line (Shorthand: "MICL" or "ICL")

Abstract >>

MICL is scheduled to be a portable application that is - MATHEMATICALLY PROVABLY - the most intelligent command line possible.

Yes you read that right. The proof is already in my head. Yes, I have studied mathematics =)

MICL will be a bit like using google - you enter what you want your computer to do and the software finds instructions on how to do that. Just that the instructions are then automatically performed for you.

Smart, isn't it? And we know how to do this safely and securely.

Comparison to other command lines >>

OK, there already are command lines, like the Windows command prompt and the Linux shells. How does MICL compare to them?

1. MICL can imitate other shells. It is absolutely no problem to make MICL understand commands that were meant for MS-DOS, Bash or even weird languages like sed and awk. We will do that, and it will be easy.

2. MICL will be WILDLY more tolerant than these legacy command lines. One wrong character and they balk at you. MICL will just figure it out. MICL is something you can use when drunk.

3. MICL is an application that learns. In case it doesn't understand you today yet, wait until tomorrow and it will be able to do it then. Yes this is not a joke.

Community >>

This is another important aspect of the project. We believe that a community will spring into existence around MICL, once a first app exists, because it will be extremely easy to extend MICL - and to share those extensions.

There will be intelligent processes to ensure that good extensions get spread to more users. Write something good and people will use it.

Security >>

Is spreading code around between people like that secure you ask? Yes it will be. We know how to make things secure. Yes we do mean that. We have innovative security concepts ready to be implemented. A secure foundation (Lua) is key for that.

People wanted >>

* Evangelisers
* Users / input givers
* Developers

The one and only requirement if you want to help develop is to learn some Lua. (Lua is easy.) We might need code in other languages too, but just for little things. The bulk is gonna be Lua.

Language >>

We'll develop MICL in English because it's probably going to be an international team. Localizing it afterwards is going to be fun. =)

Time frame >>

Quick. We start assembling the team and developing NOW. Once there are devs, we can make a MVP (minimum viable product) in something like two weeks. Yes, I mean that.

Monetary questions >>

It's an open-source project, so probably no $ payout right at the start. But there's gonna be a lot of public attention, so, one way or another, you'll definitely be glad if you're a part of it.

Let's do it. Join now and become famous. And help making something so good that you'll find yourself using it daily.

Stefan Reich ( /