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2013/4/26 steve donovan <>:

> I think it ultimately is expecting the language to do too much; making
> it too strict would take away that freedom that attracted us to Lua in
> the first place. Rather, let a combination of static tools and runtime
> strictness add the constraints needed for the particular mission.

Freedom. Economy of thought. Comprehensibility.

That's Lua.

Comprehensibility - Lua is small enough that a single person can take
  in all of it: its language, its tiny set of standard libraries, its
  C API, its source code.

Economy of thought - Lua is built on a small number of basic concepts.
  One type of number. One type of data structure. Names and values.

Freedom - Lua gives you bricks and iron bars. You have the freedom to
  use them as you please. You even have the freedom to build a prison
  for yourself.